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Dear Visitor! my website is still under construction, so please have some patience! Since I belong to the beautiful 60ties I think I have a lot to tell you, however I'm still not sure what I should tell and what to keep for myself!

I thank you for your understanding.

All those songs I'm introducing you here, were not recorded in a professional studio but at home in my living room. 2 somehow old PCs, a good Heli Radio sound system, a super Sennheiser Microphone and a AKG headset! And of course I Can't forget the Eurorack mixer! Most of the playbacks were created from midi files that I did myself, and some I got from the enormous reserve of the internet! And no one could stop me from singing, exactly like I used to do 50 years ago! I forgot to mention this, I was over 20 years a professional singer! Sprache